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***Please email me, with any questions! Also, if you have any suggestions or feedback, I would love to know what you think of my demo? Constructive critique is welcomed and is the only way my "craft" will flourish!

My Journey


Throughout the years and my career moves, one key thing remains the same. I am definitely an out-going and ambitious young woman! Each and every road I’ve followed has led me to the right “fork”, which I believe I was meant to take and have now embraced.


Through the world of Audio-book Narration, I’ve discovered a uniqueness in myself. A natural gift that I’ve always used, but was unaware of its true potential, my voice. By making a conscious life and in-turn career decision, I found a way to follow my passion for the creative arts in a professional capacity, by capitalizing on my “silver tongue” skill set.


My Voice Acting career was created by asking myself one simple question, what do I want for myself both personally and professionally? As opposed to, based on my past work experience what’s my logical choice? By instead answering the first question, I was inspired and able to see my “big picture”.


What an extraordinary feeling to actually love what I do, and simultaneously be confident my career is finally on track with who I am…


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Cheers... to us all finding our true path in life, and the courage to relentlessly pursue it!


Experience, Training & Equipment

Most recently I was hired to produce a selection of custom erotica scripts. Also, I was hired for narrating digital magazine articles for In addition, I have produced audio-books through ACX, both romantic and for self-development.


My past participation in two separate acting classes was truly inspiring. A woman I met there said to me, “You're like a chameleon, you can be anything…” What I find amusing, is I was always this way. Since childhood the game "charades" came easily to me. I think this ability is absolutely critical for a successful Voice-over Artist to possess.


These classes not only provided further self-confidence in my abilities, but the knowledge on how to properly warm up and prepare my vocals and body for performances.


In addition during this time, I also completed an online audio-book narration course, where I learned how to record, edit & master using Audacity. I use a Rode NT1-A microphone and Audiobox USB 96 phantom power interface, from my acoustically treated home studio.

My Customer Feedback!

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I can’t wait to get our new issue recorded! Bar non, you are the best!

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