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About Me


Hello, my name is Jacqueline 😊

I'm a Voice-Over Artist who LOVES bringing life to all kinds of creative works! I've received numerous compliments on how persuasive, inviting, compassionate, compelling, engaging, and mesmerizing my voice is. I think you'll also find my range, tone, tempo and pace to be spot on.


See my Voice Over Portfolio for two audio-books I've produced through ACX, titled "Psychic Development" and "The Fall of Sky". Also, read and listen to my latest mainstream published achievements produced for Magazine. I was approached by the CEO to write and of course narrate my own personal injury recovery story, plus a few more!

I have also been exploring the niche world of Erotica production. This began by being approached to produce a custom piece written by my client, which he absolutely loved and then requested subsequent pieces. In addition, a unique collaboration with Chained Hearts Publishing has resulted in a story you may listen to for free in the erotica section. In addition, they are currently working on a book series of which I'll be producing.




I'm super easy-going, versitile, open-minded and personable, and have always had a love for the creative arts - writing is also a passion of mine. When I write, I am reliving emotion. I am focused on creating the intended interpretation of my words, with the goal of never telling my reader what to think, but rather encourage them how to feel. Stay tuned for my upcoming Blog, "Intertwined Life".

My story telling skills reflect my ability to truly feel the “bones” of written words by other authors. As I read and expand on my memories or imagination, I pay attention to each word and emotional experience that is taking place. My vocal tones and moods reflect emotionally charged words of whatever genre I dive into.

My other love and passion for music and dance has spanned my entire lifetime. One of my favorite pastimes is to just "feel the music", just like one “feels” a well-written story.

I'm a well-rounded mature woman with vast life-altering experiences and accomplishments, allowing me to feel deeply. In addition, my organizational, analytical and attention to detail skills have demonstrated high quality and timely completion of all productions.

Recently I was professionally referenced as being, “a very hard-wording, stand up person with a great personality, is incredibly smart and has a great sense of humor!” These are wonderful compliments that I truly cherish. My business sense and work ethic go hand in hand with the person I am.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit..., and I sincerely look forward to a realm of future creative partnerships.



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