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Erotica Audio MP3 Store

In addition, and due to the numerous compliments I’ve received on how sexy, persuasive and mesmerizing my voice is, I decided to enter the world of Erotica production. This began by being approached to produce a custom piece written by my client, which he absolutely loved and then requested subsequent pieces. All of which he expressed permission to share and are available for the world to enjoy.


In addition, I acquired another client who I’ve completed part 1 of a 2 part story. He also thoroughly enjoyed the final production, and has hired me to complete part 2 once he’s finished writing it - with a desire to keep working together on additional pieces in the future. He has also expressed his permission to share.


Further to this, I am in the process of creating my Patreon page under the persona “Silver-Tongue Temptress”, which I hope to have up and running soon! All of my Erotica pieces are currently for sale on my website or will be available via Patreon subscription.

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